"Don't Get Hit ...Without It"
Same DayAsteroid Policy Digital Delivery
Includes Membership Card
with Free shipping anywhere on planet earth
(Don't forget to send Policyholder headshot picture
to stlawrenceagency@gmail.com)
Available ExclusivelyFrom
The Saint Lawrence Agency
319 Hermits Trail
Altamonte Springs, FL 32701

The Texas IQ Test*
"If you answer yes more then once
you do not Qualify for coverage"

a) Do you have a sense of humor?
b) Do you take this policy seriously?
c) Were your parents related before the got married?

The First Asteroid Insurance Company is not regulated by
The Texas Department of Insurance because it is Satire

Copyright 1991 to 2020
Mike St. Lawrence
All rights Reseved
We have been offering $10,000,000.00 Asteroid Insurance
all over the World since 1991. Except for a  time when we were investigated in Texas*.
Most people purchase our policies for a friends or relative and name themselves the Beneficiary
... and he wrote me back
So I wrote to Gov. Bush requesting a Pardon
...and this is how we get "The Texas IQ Test"
Policyholder Name:
Beneficiary Name:
We are now including a Membership Card
with a picture of the Policyholder
that you will need to file a claim.
"Don't Get Hit..Without It"
The Texas investigation
Step by Step...

Effective 10/01/2020 all Policy's
will include a
Asteroid Membership Card

Apollo Asteroid
due to just miss
Earth on
October 07, 2020
Wall Street Journal
Dec 02, 1998